What exactly do you do to contribute to good and safe vaccines for our customers?

“At he Labeling and Packaging department, we ensure strict and validated quality control of every vial and syringe sent to customers. Aside from my regular production activities, I’m partly responsible for solving first and second tier malfunctions of machines. I’m also partly responsible for machine validations, maintenance , purchase orders and all documentation related to machines used at our department.”

Which traits or competencies are most important for your job?

Good traits to have, are alertness and the ability to concentrate. Alertness ensures consistent quality and being able to concentrate is required when screening product and not missing any vials that are not up to standard.

What makes the difference for you working this job?

Knowing that you’re not only there for a paycheck, but are part of an integral plan to eradicate polio. This elevated importance also makes my work that more enjoyable!

Are you able to enjoy yourself?

We have a good working atmosphere 99,9% of the time. We know we can rely on each other, which makes it easy to maintain a good mood during busy times. At the same time, it’s sometimes necessary to be strict with each other and with yourself, since we produce vaccines intended for vulnerable people. The good thing is I leave for home each day in a good mood. I wish everyone the same feeling of accomplishment!