I ensure quality. In my case, this means reviewing quality issues, deviations, Change Controls, CAPA’s and improvement projects. This always takes place with stakeholders and in multidisciplinary teams.

What is the biggest challenge in your job?

To get everyone on the same page. We share the same goals, but sometimes differ on the means of getting there. We need to constantly aim for quality, but

also efficiency. I always try to look at different options, seek to connect with others and try to achieve a pragmatic and timely solution.

What makes you proud of BBio?

The healthy working environment, where people are easy to talk to and you get appreciated. We have an open, honest and enjoyable work place.

What gives you energy at work?

When I’m able to elevate people and we can come up with a joint solution we all agree on.

Don’t people have to ‘just comply’ with (GMP) regulations?

As QA staff, I have to say YES, of course! But sometimes it’s more nuanced. I like to approach things pragmatically. In order to pass judgment on an issue, you first have to be knowledgeable on the specific subject matter. Only this way are you able to advise on how to change things, or have a better understanding of why theory and practice can differ.