Wouter works at the Cleaning & Sterilization department at Bilthoven since March of 2020.

Why did you choose to work at BBio?

I was looking for another job closer to home for some time. I discovered two positions at BBio that looked promising and applied to both. I now work at the ‘large assembly section’ at the C&S department. I enjoy my work very much with a team of nice colleagues.

How do you contribute to good and safe vaccines for our customers?

Within the C&S department, I’m responsible for assembling vessels and bottles used for producing vaccines. Aside from this, I’m working on a project for order picking at my department.

How do you work safely and responsibly?

Our department works in accordance with GMP guidelines. We actively check each other’s work, as we have to be accountable for everything we do within BBio. For example: a colleague assembles a 200 liter vessel and asks me to check his work. I check his assembly and sign off only when the work is done correctly. Prior to transporting vessels or bottles to the production plants, everything is extensively tested and approved.

What gives you energy at work?

I enjoy collaborating within my department, as well as with the rest of BBio. I actively listen to what people say and enjoy listening to ideas for improvement and other important issues. The working environment in our team is excellent. We work hard, but also have some fun when time allows it. I whistle every day, biking on my way to work!

How do you see your own development at BBio?

BBio gives ample room for personal development. You get every opportunity to attend all sorts of training in order to keep developing and challenging yourself.