On Monday 15 April, (outgoing) Minister Adriaansens of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the Provincial Executive of the Provincial Council, Mr. Van Schie, Mayor of De Bilt Sjoerd Potters and partners from the province visited USP BILTHOVEN and Bilthoven Biologicals. The goal of strengthening collaborations in the Utrecht region in the field of life science innovations was underlined by the examples at Bilthoven Biologicals.

Strong projects lead to strong collaboration

Among other things, the tour took the delegation past the A5 lab, BBio’s state-of-the-art lab that has been operational since 2022. In the lab, according to the latest requirements and innovations, the necessary tests and controls are carried out to be able to produce polio. The delegation also visited the facility under construction: U4, where hard work is being done to bring the facility to Pandemic Preparedness.

The visit of the minister and the delegation to USP Bitlhoven was aimed at strengthening the cooperation between the Utrecht region and the national government in the field of life science innovations. The inspiring examples, such as those of BBio, not only help the Utrecht region, but also the whole of the Netherlands to remain a forerunner in life science.

Developments USP Bilthoven

USP Bilthoven has a strong legacy in the field of global health. A good basis for companies such as Bilthoven Biologicals, but also Intravacc and Batavia Biosciences. In the coming years, new development opportunities will arise due to the relocation of RIVM to Utrecht. With the development of the new life science building Impetus, USP Bilthoven can become a new home for biopharmaceutical companies with strong (c)GMP needs. This can only be done together with regional partners.